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Hello fellow Whyvillians! Megacute5 here, tipping you off with what I see as all the latest fashions!

Tag-Alongs: Whether it's your tigger, elmo, puppy or kitten, tag-alongs are all the rage! A few that are popular are Nerdy, A COOL MONSTER, tigger and elmo, even though nobody can make parts of those last two anymore, since Elmo and Tigger aren't owned by Whyville. Wow! Remember, there are many more, so just type in your favorite animal or cartoon character and who knows what could show up!

Faux Fur Items: Everybody is raving over faux fur! Guys, remember, faux fur is NOT just for girls! Some stores that might be worthwhile to look at are Chump Change and any Supagurle store, or you could just type "fur" in the search box! From hats to jackets, everybody loves it!

Pastel and Bright Colors: Girls, in my opinion, with winter right around the corner, you might look into some pastel colors such as "Powder Blue", and "Creamy Yellow". They are very cute and stylish! For fall, guys, you might choose bright colors such as "Day-Glo Orange" and "Bright Yellow". Girls and guys, these colors are great, so stock up!

Hats, Hats, Hats!: Guys and girls, it's time for hats! Bright colors, faux fur, visors, crazy, all these are great kinds of hats! A really great store for hats is "Mad Hatters". They have some great hats! All the latest fashions at reasonable prices, so stock up!

Well, that's all for now. Better get going on next week's fashions. They change so fast!

Remember, be individual. You don't HAVE to follow the trends!

Ciao for now,

P.S. Got any fashions that I didn't mention? Y-mail me!


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