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How Much Can We Bare?

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I guess some people just love to express themselves in different ways, but how far do you have to go to be different?

One night, I was at the beach on Whyville, and I left my computer for a brief moment to get a little snack. When I came back, there was a huge group of Whyvillians whispering to a single Whyville citizen. One without a shirt!

How is it possible that people like this get away with wearing that without a City Worker or City Helper seeing it? I am sure that there are younger kids on Whyville whose parents wouldn't approve of that. Did Akbar approve it? If so, why?

Another question I have is, why are these people doing this? I asked one citizen wearing no shirt, and she replied, "I just love to get people's reactions about it. It's so much fun."

Do they even realize that little kids may be in the room with them? Yes, it is part of life, but does it have to be part of our Whyville life? Isn't this going a little too far?

And with that thought in your brain, this is sharpie17, signing out....

Editor's Note: If you see someone wearing something very inappropriate -- nudity, violence and gore, that sort of thing -- you can 911 report them, kindly asking City Workers to check out the face parts used to make this.  They can look at the parts and decide if Akbar mistakenly accepted a part that shouldn't be in Whyville.


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