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Hair Flare

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I have just completed my first experiment in Whyville. I have created life!!

Okay, in a sense, I actually did. I started a new account a couple weeks ago, to complete an experiment on hair. First I added a weak acid to a dry hair strand and a moist hair strand... no wait, it wasn't that kind of experiment. In truth, I did an experiment to see how people react differently to people with various types of hair compared to someone who would be considered a newbie.

My first experiment compared blond hair and a face with short red hair, very large green eyes and a mouth. My newbie head didn't have a body or a nose. First, I went to the Pool Party. Both my faces went around, and said "hi" to the same people. Usually, people would say "hi" back to both of them. Some people ignored both of us. But usually after the greeting and "asl," people would forget about my blond head. My blond head mainly sat there and had no one talk to it. But my newbie head was popular! Three people came up to it and said hi! Other people continued talking to me after the hi's and the asls. And not all of them were new-looking -- there were some who were middlies (not oldbies, not newbies).

I think this goes to show you that blondes don't get all the friends, at least not in this one experience at Dr. Leila's Pool Party, anyway.

Next, my heads went to the Sun Spot. Both heads mingled, saying hi to the same people. There, my blond head was more popular. Most people said "Go away newbie. I don't talk to ugly people," to my newbie head, or something like that. But when I talked to the same people as a blond, they were polite. They didn't strike up a conversation, but they weren't rude.

Some people did talk to my blond head. I had a nice conversation with one girl. But when I said hi with my newbie head, she ignored me.

Next, I changed my blond head to my normal head, a redhead. I went to the same places. Both of my heads were ignored. There was a new crowd of people at the Pool Party and they weren't so friendly. Some people talked to my redhead, but almost no one talked to my poor, lonesome newbie head. The people who did talk to me were usually younger than me. Anyone older than 13 ignored me and my head. I talked to a lot of 10-year-olds and 11-year-olds. They were very nice. Maybe that means we get more self-centered as we grow up...?

Then, I headed back to the Sun Spot. This time I was ignored with my redhead. Almost completely ignored. Insults were hurled at my newbie head, as usual. But only one person responded to my redhead. I was kind of disappointed that my favorite kind of hair didn't get many friends.

I then changed into a brunette style, COMPLEX. At the Pool Party, the reception was about the same as when I had red hair. Everyone ignored me with my brown hair until a girl offered to sell me a green monster. One girl talked to my newbie head, but ignored my normal head after a few minutes. She talked to my newbie head for 15 minutes. I met a couple nice people there who chatted with my newbie head, but ignored my brunette head. I guess newbies a more liked than a full head of hair. Perhaps people think they are not as snobby or something.

This has been my experiment. Now, how many of you wan to know the name of my second account? Well, I'm not telling. :-)

Next, I'm going to try an experiment with faces (eyes, lips, etc.) Keep your eyes peeled! I might be talking to you next! Dunh Dunh DUNN! Smile, you're on Candid Camera (tm)!

This is Hermionez, signing off to tiptoe through the tulips!


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