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Miami-Dade High Schools: How Fast is Too Fast?

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One day, I was watching Channel One News (a news program for teens). Even though it is only ten minutes long, the show is fabulous way to receive unheard of information about society. Since my hometown (well, city) is Miami and I was vacationing at the time, the issue they brought up got my full attention.

Starting this fall, high schoolers have had the chance to cut all of their electives and have their time in Miami-Dade high schools decreased to only three years. This system is called Fast Track and will eliminate your senior year. Students must still pass the FCAT (Florida Curriculum Assessment Test) to get their diploma, but lose all of the advantages of being a senior, including prom night.

If you have ever been to Miami, the streets can be dirty. Every other night, I would go to my abuelita's (Cuban for grandma) house for dinner and we took this one way home sometimes. We would pass this man (every single time, I tell you!) and he was always selling teddy bears and flowers out of his car. My impression was that he lived in it.

My point is that Miami isn't that rich of a city, except for downtown (it's pretty spiffy there). So, the less money, the fewer supplies. Therefore, I think the Miami schools are trying to save money.

Do you think that Fast Track should even be an option? Is it fair? Would students get a proper education? Please y-mail me or post your comments on the message board below.

Mg16 is over and out!

p.s. If you're a student of a Dade County high school, I'd love to hear from you! Please post below; it would be great to have an opinion from a real, current student. Thanks again!

p.p.s. The Channel One News website is http://www.channelone.com.


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