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Vegetarian Interest

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Hiya fellow Whyvillians! Ever since I read 8Dyay8D and BabyPowdr's articles, I have been intensely interested in vegetarianism. I decided to research further into the subject, and in doing this I spent a few nights on Google.com, looking for as many opinions as possible.

My conclusion of my research was a whole bunch of mixed-up feelings. If I might correct 8Dyay8D, scientists have investigated vegetarianism and have found out that it is impossible for everybody on this earth to become a vegetarian. The ratio of plants on earth to humans is like comparing a bag of potato chips to the army; it's illogical.

Also, about the veal "thing", that was totally politically incorrect! I don't know where your sources are from, but that is not how veal is raised. "Today's modern, environmentally controlled veal barns provide for animal health and safety. The barns are lighted artificially and by natural light, and a constant source of fresh air is circulated. Individual stalls are used for the calves. These stalls provide a safe environment where the calves can stand, stretch, groom themselves and lay down in a natural position. These pens are invaluable to the health of the animal. They allow the calves to be individually looked after." (http://www.fsis.usda.gov/OA/pubs/veal.htm)

I definitely do not want to offend people who are vegetarians, because that is not the point of my article. My personal opinion is that it is your own choice if you choose to become a vegetarian, and that since it is very unlikely that the world would ever resort to international vegetarianism, people are free to make their own opinions and choices about vegetarianism.


Editor's Note: I'm very curious where you get the statistic that the ratio of plants to humans comes out on humanity's side! That would really surprise me... from what I understand, a field of wheat can feed at least ten times as many people as the same field of cattle.

From what I understand, calves are probably not treated as badly as 8Dyay8D described in most of the U.S. or Canada, but I doubt that all veal barns across the globe afford nicely built stalls and so forth.


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