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The KAVD: What You Should Know

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The KAVD is a highly underrated organization in Whyville.

When you think about it, and I mean really think, Whyville has cheerleading squads that people rush to and beauty contests that people hold as a high priority. But when I bring up the subject of the KAVD, people call it stupid. For those of you who don't know, KAVD means Kids Against Virtual Dating.

With your internet cheerleading and beauty contests, you're going to call an organization dedicated to keeping you safe stupid?

The fact is, anyone can become a total knockout on Whyville and be a hunchback in real life. And a person can be a football player here without any athletic prowess whatsoever in the real world. The KAVD, however, is made up of kids who do not try to gain glory through this marvelous invention we call the internet. NO! We try our best to keep children safe from child predators on the web.

If you're going to run a football team and a cheer squad on the internet, please think twice before you call the KAVD stupid. To be honest, you have no idea who you could be talking to on the internet. Your 13-year-old boyfriend can be either some little 8-year-old learning disgusting and foul language from you or a 40-year-old child predator. Truth is, you have no idea. Just remember that the next time you go to engage in foul activities with your internet boyfriend or girlfriend.

Me, I carry a scythe have red eyes and wings and a ghost sidekick on the internet. Its that easy for me to look like that. How hard do you think it'll actually be for a pervert to disguise himself as a kid? Just try to remember this next time you go to a "makeout" party in the elevator or whatever other stupid things like that that somepeople might do.

Freddy out.


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