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Hi PaiPai here!

I did some book reviews on some of the books I read recently. I love to read and I hope that these reviews will help you pick the right book for you!

A Hive For The Honeybee: It's a great book about a worker bee and how she starts to have thoughts of things other than work, with the help of two intellectual drones (male bees).

Angel's Gate: This book is all about murder, suspense, and love! Kim, a young boy, and his family harbor a wild child after her dad was murdered in the woods. There's a twist -- her younger brother is still out in the woods by himself!

Dream Freedom: This is a story about slaves in the world today! It is about a group of American students as they learn of the atrocities in the Sudan.

Ella Enchanted: This story is about a princess Ella and how she tries to deal with the gift of obedience given to her at birth by a magical fairy.

Just Ella: This isn't your traditional Cinderella story. Ella meets the princes and is ready to get married till she finds out he is extremely boring.

I hope that one of these books is the right one for you! I'll be back with more reviews for you later!


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