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Giggler01. Our Senator. I can only imagine the mail she gets daily from citizens..... and I look at her platform and I wonder.... but what is she, and why is she here?

As most of you know, Giggler01 is our Whyville Senator. She won the Senate race against Amazing and JayR. Amazing got 3445 votes, JayR earned 5473 votes, and Giggler01 took home 7881 votes.

I don't mean to debate her victory, although my theory is that she won because JayR and Amazing had similar views on some big issues and their supporters were split between each other. But I have a question to raise: What has our Senator done so far?

In her platform, Senator Platform, she stated that she wants to start a debate club, hobby chats, more contests, a Mystery Night, Face Part Tutorials, fix plots, build apartment complexes, restart mail alerts, start a Whyville school, a new Whyology survey, put together Senator Advisors, give Rewards for Good Behavior, Clam Showers, Rewards for Whyville Patronage, and more features in Club Why.


I would love for all this to actually happen (especially Mystery Night!). But will it? It should!

I want to know, Gigger01 is now our senator, so why does it seem that she has done nothing? (I say this as I have never found anything she has done!) Is City Hall not allowing Giggler her say?? What is going on??

I think there is something that could (and should) be done: Make More Senators!!! Not just one! They could argue about issues (Filibusters! Yay!) and when they all agreed on an issue, or reached a compromise, they could all put a ton of pressure on City Management to MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!

Am I just begging for this just so I can be a senator? No! Although I would probably run (and not be elected), I just want something to be done!

So, hugs and kisses,
Sorry Giggler -- I really do love you! =)
And vote for me for the nonexistent senator spot!


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