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The Death of an Ad-Free Learning Community

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Isn't anyone going to say something about the huge pink elephant in the middle of the room?

(I haven't been on Whyville for a few weeks, so someone may have... wouldn't that be embarrassing for me?)

I am talking about the advertising that has suddenly popped up in Whyville. What happened to our website being a place without people with (real) products to push on us? I always liked it that way, a place free from the real world, where I could spend a few minutes a few times a week.

I know the title of this article is rather harsh, but isn't it true? I think the "death of an ad-free learning community" started when Whyville stopped being, well, a learning community. I think that current Whyvillians are way too concerned with how their virtual character looks, designing face-parts and getting boyfriends and girlfriends, and so the real meaning of Whyville has been lost. Some citizens just don't understand that face parts and chat are a PRIVILEGE, NOT a right.

It is obvious that City Hall and the other founders of Whyville are trying hard to get us focused back on learning. The raising of Face Factory prices and the parts-expiration had other reasons too, but I think one of the aims of these changes was for us to go back and learn something. And it is working, I may add. I have had more Why-mails from people who want help earning clams than I have ever had.

My theory about the advertisements is probably the same as everyone else, that Whyville needs money. I might be the only person in all of Whyville that wants the ads gone, but I truly hope not. Let's keep Whyville the way it was. Support your town, and buy a Why-pass. It is worth the money, don't you think?

This is elzbth02, getting ready to participate in a function at the Greek Theatre. (Thank you to Whyville for creating those!)


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