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Who Will Win One Hundred Clams? The Finalists

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Who Will Win One Hundred Clams?
The finalists

by Marty B.
Guest columnist

Marty Buildenhammer here, bringing you the latest on Myville's Building Contest.

City Hall announced today the final five finalists. Since last week, when the top contenders were Renee and Kwelioso, things have changed quite a bit. Whether that's for the better or the worse would depend on who you are...

Kwelioso has dropped out of the short list of top contenders. Renee is still holding on. And now joining her are four new finalists: Beatle, Cyranojoe, Danny, and Sahuboy.

There's good news as well for those of us who aren't in the running. You can now get a bonus for going to cast your vote! It's a one-time bonus of 10 clams, just for making your opinion known. Now that's a good deal if I've ever seen one, so be sure you vote today! You can do it right here:

Vote for Beatle Vote for Renee
Vote for Sahuboy Vote for Cyranojoe
Vote for Danny


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