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Homophone Poetry

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There are many things that inspire me to write poetry, but -- a school assignment? Yes, it's true. Last week my English teacher gave us the simple instructions to write a poem in which each line began with a homophone.

For those of you who don't know, homophones are words that sound the same but are spelled differently, such as there, their, and they're; its and it's; you're and your; accept and except; and affect and effect.

As I reluctantly began to write my poem that night, I realized, "This is actually fun!" Soon I had a dozen ideas and was furiously scribbling down lines. Here are a few of my examples. Why don't you try writing one yourself?


It's dark outside, and the moon casts
Its eerie glow over the shadowy world.
It's nearly midnight, and a cat swishes
Its agile tail while pursuing
Its prey.
It's windy, and the breeze passes
Its twisting arms over leaves and branches that shudder in
Its wake.
It's dark outside, and chilly.

"There in the Night"

There are so many of them.
They're depressed, they're miserable.
Their bodies long ago succumbed to the cold and
Their minds to the darkness.
There in the night, they lie with
Their thoughts pounding sharp daggers into
Their long-numbed consciousnesses until
They're reduced to bloody black nothings.
They're gasping, grasping for someone who understands
Their agony, but
There is no one so
They're going to give up, and then
Their pain will be no more.

"Who Can Judge?"

Who's worthy to judge me?
Whose knowledge lets them understand someone
Who's lived such totally different life? Someone
Whose thoughts, and
Whose experiences are so different?
Who's wisdom can possibly encompass a person
Whose shoes they've never walked in?
Who's ever going to be able to understand me, and
Who's at all fit to judge me, save myself?

"Acceptance with Exceptions"

Accept your weaknesses
Except for those that you can change,
Accept that you can't save the world
Except remember that every bit counts,
Accept that you have no way to change others
Except through your own actions, and
Accept that you nothing is certain in life
Except those things you do yourself.

"Summer Day"

To lie here in this hammock with
Two large tress to shade the sun and
Two cool ice cubes in my lemonade is just
Too lovely to imagine
To watch
Two fluffy clouds float by and
Two airplanes zoom across the sky and
To wonder where they fly is just
Too relaxing,
Too wonderful,
To even believe

So that's what I thought of -- now it's your turn! This is easier than it seems. Pick a pair of homophones (for ideas, go to the trivia contests, they often have questions about them.) Then pick a subject, and just start! Good luck, and happy writing!

Poetically yours,


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