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Fashion Tips for Newbies

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Fashion Tips for Newbies
NG122188 has some ideas

   by NG122188
  Fashion Writer

Hi there, Whyville peeps! NG122188 here with some fashion tips for newbies.

I interviewed 5 people today and got some tips that can help all you newbies out there. If you need help being fashionable, just read this article from some of your experienced people of Whyville. And I must say, they are pretty fashionable!

Okay, I asked 3 girls and 2 boys (I think there are more girls than guys in Whyville). I asked them all the same questions like:

  1. What do you think is a good look but is also affordable by newbies?
  2. What do you think is the most popular girl/boy item in Whyville?
  3. How can newbies get more clams?

So, here are the interviews:


  1. A good look, and affordable, is some glossy lips, any type of eyes, and some hair by Charity.
  2. The most popular item for girls is definitely Charity's hair because it is so beautiful.
  3. Some ways to get clams is to play games to raise their salaries and to do the Bonuses. Especially the Whyville Certificate, because that gives you 80 clams!


  1. Black Dreads and sunglasses are nice and affordable.
  2. Sinister Goatee is very popular because there are hardly any mouths.
  3. Play games to raise your salary and do the weekly BBS. Also play the treasure and safari game.


  1. Maybe glossy lips and the purple eyes are definite for an affordable look.
  2. The most popular is definitely Charity's hair. It used to be the blond hair but now people are switching to brunette.
  3. The skating is really easy, so newbies won't have trouble with this. The alien game is pretty tough but not impossible. You could get a lot of clams doing the bonuses.


  1. A goatee and eyes are nice for a good look. Definitely a "Rosie" face not a crooked one or else it doesn't look good.
  2. Necklaces are popular because we admire them.
  3. Vote, play games, and, my favorite, beg for clams are ways to get dough.


  1. A good look might be a blond wave, sunglasses, glossy lips and eyes.
  2. Charity's hair and Riven's bandanas are the most popular.
  3. I suggest doing the alien game (something I can't do LOL), do the bonuses and keep up with the weekly BBS. You get a lot of clams from the Treasure Hunt!

Okay, folks! There you have advice from experienced citizens of Whyville! Have a good day!

This is NG122188 signing off.




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