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semesters are here
they come twice a year
they give you stress
my head's all a mess
from these 7 tests
when will I get to rest,
rest my brain,
ahh they're such a pain,
Christmas is a relief,
sleeping in is a belief,
ohh science is 9 pages longgg!!
that's inhumane and wrong!!
ohh I wish and praayy!!!
that it is an A,
and they are so cruel,
I sit there and drool,
studying the stool,
If it got any worse,
the junior high curse,
ahh just put me in the hearse,
Is it a sin,
to cry from within,
from a different kind of torture,
a better way -- put away the guns and hooks,
all you have to do is pull out the books,
Ahh I might be dramatic,
but I dug inside, my inter-attic,
and this is what I found:
the pressure's evil sound,
There are more ways than one,
to learn and to have fun,
you can read out of the book,
or you can talk and even look...

Semesters are stupid,
you know what you've learned,
why make us yearn,
yearn for school to get out,
what are they all about?
Well, there's my question,
what's yours, oh and did I mention,
Stay happy and get lots of rest,
So you may perform your very best.
On these stressful weeks,
even if studying is in heaps.

This is layitdown comin' from North Dakota -- have fun during your winter breaks and study during semesters, even if they're stupid!!


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