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That Trivial Trivia

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I personally just experienced my first time being in the Greek Theater on a Friday night at 6 p.m. I had heard about this, but I never knew exactly what everyone was talking about. All I'd heard about was that people were getting clams and there were some kind of questions, so I decided to see what excited my friends so much.

As I tried to go in the chat, it said, 'Sorry, there are too many people in the chat room.' I tried over and over again to go in -- after 20 tries, I got in. I saw a question go up on the screen and people were answering immediately. Someone had gotten to go down on-stage with the city worker and everyone was clapping (or just saying *claps*) for this certain individual. After a few minutes, I got the drift of what was going on and I was with the action. I really wanted to get on-stage, and stared at the screen, waiting for the question to go up so I could answer.

As enjoyable as it all was, I do have some criticism. I am sorry, but I really have to say this. I know it's hard to think up the questions and perhaps I am being whiny when I say this, but there were a number of questions like, "Who was the 42nd president?" or "What is the capital of Florida?" and "What is the capital of South Dakota?" I for one am Canadian and I have not been taught in school the states and their capitals, but I have learned all about my country (logical, right?).

Fortunately, my little sister had gotten for Christmas a Leap Pad, which I had way too much fun with even if it is for children (as they say, small things amuse small minds). On one of the books for the Leap Pad, there was a map of the United States. There was a challenge on the page where you have to point to the state that was named. My record is 20 states in... well, I don't know how long the timer goes for, but I know it is fast.

In any case, I know that Whyville is in the Unites States, but I found it a tad bit unfair for the rest of the Canadians that were there with me. There were other questions, but the City Worker should have at least made a question about Canada and not made about 50% of the questions so America-specific.

I'm so sorry if this is hurting ANYONE. I just wanted to say that that the game was a tad bit unfair for some of us. This is not implying that the City Worker should have no questions about geography or American history, just please don't make a lot of them, and at least add a question about your neighboring country. The majority of the people I've met in Whyville actually live in Canada.

The trivia was quite fun and I did enjoy it, by the way!

Love you, from your (slow) reporter Fudgyfeud.

SO SORRY if this is in any way annoying or hurtful.


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