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Club-Why Now Club-Newbie?

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It's Wildfire9 here, just getting out of the Club-Why secret chat. Secret? Pft! Yeah right!

I was extremely offended by the so-called 'Club of the Rich and Famous'. When I was a newbie, I saved a lot of my clams in order to be a prestigious member of the Club. After I had been a citizen for almost 1 year, I was able to join. Almost a year ago, there were mostly oldies there. I made some friends there with people who have been through Whyville events the same time as I was.

So, I just came out of this once great Club today kind of disappointed. The people I met are not on Whyville for the great educational reinforcement! One girl said she just came to Whyville to find an online boyfriend!! This once learning-loving member's Club has become very degraded by my standards. I told them that I was a published Times Writer and would write an article about it.

"What's the 'Times'?" asked that same girl. =^O So I went off on a 10-minute explanation of Whyville, education and the Times.

Her response was to tell me that school and education is stupid, and she went off to find a boyfriend!

But not all Whyvillians are that unaware of the reasons Whyville exist, fortunately. One other Club member, overhearing my conversation, came and asked me some questions about the Times. She told me she was really happy I took the time to help her, and now she was inspired to write some articles and poetry!

I really think that we should offer clams for reading the Times and posting legitimate posts. I think that will get everyone to read (and hopefully write for) the Times!

Thanks Whyville for a great place to learn, outside of the classroom!



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