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Hey this is hottiemb with a new article for the New Year! Can you believe it? It's already the New Year (2004)! =D

Well, anyway, the other day I was going into some chat rooms, still wearing my Silver Veteran Medal from last year, and some citizens were asking me why I was wearing it. I told them why and they told me that they thought I was some kind of City Worker or something.

Silver Veteran Medals were awarded to citizens last year for being on Whyville for so long. They were given to us last year as a reward for staying in Whyville for such a long time. A citizen who is wearing a medal, unfortunately, is not a City Worker, just a very important citizen who has supported Whyville for a long period of time. Don't be fooled by the medal -- real City Workers where the official City Worker Beanie (red with a yellow CW on it).

Even though these citizens are not City Workers, they are still important. The 2003 Silver Veteran Medal clarifies that the person wearing it loves Whyville and has helped it grow throughout the year.

I guess I will conclude my rather short article by asking the Times Editor if there will be 2004 Veteran Medals this year also! =)

Hope you've enjoyed,
This is hottiemb signing off.

Editor's Note: Thanks for your article, hottiemb! Veteran medals are actually given out on Whyville's birthday in March. Bronze medals go to citizens who have been around for about three months; silver to those of you who have been here for six months; and gold medals go to citizens who have been here for a year. Folks who get their second or third gold medal are really venerable veterans!


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