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The "Newbie": Part 1

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Tammie was so excited to get on the computer one day because one of her friends, Sara, had told her about a cool website called Whyville. Tammie asked her mom and she got online. She joined in and she was ready to go. Tammie was pretty excited because she earned her chat license and raised her salary to 17. She why-mailed Sara to tell her the screen-name she had. Tammie made a face and pretty soon she waited her 5 days then she could chat.

Tammie kept raising and raising her salary. Pretty soon she had a salary of 30. She was very happy about this. One day Tammie went into Tic-Tac-Toe room 9. Room nine is where Tammie and Sara always met to play. So Tammie went there to see if Sara was there.

She was with someone else.

When Tammie went into the room, she saw Sara and a boy, which was no big deal, but what they were saying was. They were making horrible comments that involved some really banishable words. Tammie had never seen Sara like that before.

Sara then said out loud, "Tammie, if you ever tell anyone about this I will never be your friend again and tell your big crush, Jimmy, that you love him! You also better pay me 10 clams every week or I will tell him!"

To be continued....


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