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Legends of the Mall

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Okay, I know it's kind of late to bring this up now, but I just can't wait anymore! I mean, didn't Whyville start working on the mall in October? Now it's December, and the sign still says "Opening Soon."

I think that Whyville workers should have put in the Times that you were going to take THAT long, because most of us Whyvillians have been checking the mall entrance very regularly to see if it has opened yet! All we see is "opening soon this" "opening soon that." When you first brought it up to everyone that you were making a mall, everyone was excited, but now, everyone's probably forgot about it.

Also, there has been no talk of the mall since October, which makes us think that you've stopped working on it. There has also been no add-ons to the entrance -- it looks just as it did when it first "opened" as it said in one of the articles.

Please respond to this, at least make a new article informing us on what's happening at the mall!

Your Whyvillian,

Editor's Note: We at the Times aren't sure what the status of the mall is. We all think that something was planned to be opened in January, but don't take our word on that. Maybe we'll be lucky enough to get a City Worker to post something on the BBS here....


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