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Life of a Gym Sock?

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I am awaken by the satisfying sound of being placed in a plastic package, just born, ready for sale. I nod off again, dreaming pleasantly of future P.E. classes, being slid onto an adolescent's foot, to be tucked inside a cozy shoe beautifully fragranced of perspiration, laps around school gyms, dodgeball sessions.... I smiled in my sleep as I was shipped to the nearest multi-mart.

When I woke again, I saw a tired looking clerk take my package out of the large cardboard crate in which I had traveled. She carried me for a long time, until I arrived in a department with a very strange-looking sign hanging above it, reading "SPORTSWEAR". I was then placed on a shelf with a pleasant view of the slippers being sold across the aisle.

Many families browsed through my aisle. I pleaded longingly to be purchased, but every family seemed to prefer the Commercial Grade Premium Quality Crew Sock -- my only foe. I glanced once more beside me, at the delicate stitch-work and intricate packaging of the rich, the luxurious Commercial Grade. Once again I felt alone, and hoped that someday I would catch a whiff of the satisfying fragrance of perspiration, or the beautiful craftsmanship of a leather gym shoe.

I began to grin as I saw a 14-year-old schoolboy approach my package... and I cried tears of joy as the boy took my package in his hands and tossed me into a metal cart-like vehicle. We flew through the store, wherein I saw amazing views of produce, career wear, and even intriguing cosmetics!

As I approached a confusing counter with a woman behind it, I began to worry whether this was really my dream come true or was I being taken to the land where all socks cannot even speak of... the Sanitary Landfill!?

The boy set me on the counter and the clerk ran my barcode over an interesting scan device. I was placed inside a semi-transparent plastic bag with the name of the multi-mart printed upon it. The boy took ahold of the handles of this interesting sack, and I transported us outside the store. I was then placed inside what I know only as a Sport Utility Vehicle... I must be dreaming, I thought once again, as I rode on to my destiny.

I then arrived at what I knew as a home, where my eyes widened, aghast as the boy tore open my package. He lifted me out and tossed me into a pure haven -- a bright red, beautifully crafted gym bag! Happily, I once again fell into a peaceful sleep.

That next morning, I awoke to the exhilarating sound of the gym bag being unzipped. I was taken out and placed on the boy's beautifully-fragranced, perfectly-sized foot and I felt as though I'm in Luxury Land as I was slipped into a breathtaking, absolutely amazing, perfect leather gym sneaker.

I felt a satisfying thud as the boy walked within my beautiful shoe, playing dodgeball, doing laps... ah, the life!

I grinned sleepily as the boy placed me back into my bag, anticipating once more The Life of a Gym Sock.


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