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The Lifetime Why-Pass

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It's 22kool4u here again -- I just realized this while I was chatting on Whyville, when I first logged on. I saw that there was a sign for a lifetime Why-Pass! I know Whyville has been less busy these days, so it seems fewer people buy Why-Passes anymore. Whyville usually gets crowded during Halloween and Christmas, but that doesn't do much, I bet.

A few months ago, city workers announced that face parts would be expiring after 91 one days, not getting recycled to Grandma, but being totally DELETED! (I know, still hate it, eh?) Then after a few weeks, they said that if you buy a Why-Pass, your face parts won't expire.

Around that time, I was reading the articles and some questions for the editor. He said that while you have your Why-Pass, your face parts won't expire, like say if you have 40 days left then you bought a Why-Pass, then when your Why-Pass expired then it would go from 39 and down. (Editor's Note: From what I now understand, that's not the case, actually. Face parts still run down on time, but do not expire as long as their owners have Why-Passes. Sorry for the confusion!)

Which brings me to my point. If you buy a lifetime Why-Pass, your face parts WON'T expire! They won't expire at all because the Why-Pass is going to last forever. So, maybe you thought it was a desperate attempt for people to buy a Why-Pass -- but maybe not for us! Actually, it's a good deal, because the face parts we buy won't expire -- FOREVER! Forever, of course, means until the day Whyville is shut down.

So just another reason more to buy a Why-Pass. Maybe they should make the same thing for the people who subscribe to the Whyvillian.

So buy a Why-Pass, not just for Whyville's sake, but for your face parts!

This is 22kool4u (trying to save enough money for a Why-Pass) and I hope you take this advice into hand.


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