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Is Fire A Living Thing?

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Is Fire A Living Thing?

    by READIER
    BBS Poster

Well, according to the six rules of living things, which are:

  1. every living thing is made up of cells
  2. every living thing needs nutrients and reproduction for its species to survive
  3. every living thing produces waste
  4. every living thing repaires or/and expands itself
  5. every living thing needs something to breathe (like H20, C20, or oxygen) to survive
  6. every living thing dies

Now, fire follows almost all of these, but as far as I know, scientists have not been able to find out if it is made up of cells.

Fire needs nutrients to survive, like wood.

Fire produces waste such as ashes.

Fire expands itself.

Fire needs oxygen to survive.

And fire will eventually burn out and die.

My question for you is, is fire alive? Is it made up of cells? My personal belief is that it is alive, and is made up of cells.




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