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Resolutions & Goals for 2004

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Hey! Sweden here coming to you with the new year!!!!!!

Every year, I try to figure out what my New Years resolution will be. This year I took to heart how many times I didn't stick to my previous resolutions. I've made up many. From brushing my teeth three times a day every day, to getting better grades -- whatever the quest is, I never seem to stick to it. The dream is forgotten by February. I started pondering how many people really do have new years resolutions. I asked a few Whyvillians what their New Years Resolutions are if they have any and these are the responses I got:

Maleguy1: None.

Meaghan52: Well, I think that I'm going to try to find a boyfriend who appreciates me and is nice to me, and to be nicer to other people so I can make more friends.

Cali4nia: To get a boyfriend, LoL.

KTbug0770: Get better grades, get on softball team and basketball team for my school.

25514: Increasing my vocabulary, being nice to others, donating more often, and helping others.

LMA2003: To earn more clams on Whyville and to get better grades.

There are a million different resolutions people have. From the people interviewed, the main goals they wanted to achieve was getting a boyfriend and/or doing better in school. I may just come back to them in February and ask them if they're still on target with their goals.

If you have trouble sticking to a resolution like me, you could make the updating date more frequent. You could hang a calendar in your room and write down a goal for each month, instead of each year. This way, your resolution will still be fresh within your mind, and if you don't accomplish it by the end of the month, write it down for next month -- or pick a new one!

Making and accomplishing goals is very important in life. If you just dump them down the drain without even TRYING to put forth the effort, it's not going to do you any good. So, try to stick to your goals.

This is Sweden, signing off... Happy New Year!


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