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Celebrating the New Year Around the World

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Not all countries celebrate the New Year in the same time, nor same way! So I'm going to tell you some New Year traditions for some countries.

China: The Chinese New Year is celebrated sometime between January 17 and February 19. It is called Yuan Tan. Street processions are an exciting part of their New Year. Since the Chinese people believe there are evil spirits around the New Year, they set of firecrackers to scare the evil spirits away.

Greece: On New Year's Day it is also the Festival of Saint Basil. Saint Basil was famous for his kindness. On New Year's Day, Greek children leave their shoes next to the fireplace hoping Saint Basil will fill them with gifts.

Scotland: New Year's Day is called Hogmanay. In some towns tar barrels are set alight and rolled down the streets. Then the old year is burned up and the new year is allowed to enter!

United States: Most of the New Year celebration is celebrated on New Year's Eve. There are also football games and processions with floats and bands on New Year's Day.

Southern India: Mothers put food, flowers, and gifts on a special tray. On New Year's morning, the children have to keep their eyes closed until they are led to the tray!

I hope everyone had a happy new year!

By softbll12


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