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A Few Suggestions

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A Few Suggestions
Moonbaby gets Babygurl7's opinions on her ideas

by Moonbaby
Guest Writer

Hey Whyvillians! Moonbaby here. I have a few suggestions to make about Whyville.

My suggestions are:

  • Music -- Why don't we have music blasting on speakers at the Square? That'd be pretty entertaining.
  • Bodies -- You know that face you have at the "Pick Your Nose" tool? Well, I think there should be a whole body, so when people make things, they can just make the piece of clothing and not worry about the skin color. (And a skin toner thing, to change the color of your skin.)
  • Suntans -- People should be able to get tans at the Sun Roof, if they lie there for a while. If you don't want to get tanned, you could say, "Don't get tanned so-and-so".
  • Indoor Gym -- Whyville should have an indoor gym, because the Sportzplatz is grass, and basketball can't be played there.

After finished writing this, I called my friend Babygurl7, read her the suggestions, and asked her how she felt about them.

Q: Hey Babygurl, I'm doing a Whyville article. Can I ask you a couple of questions?
A: Sure.
Q: What do you think of music at the Square?
A: It's a smashing idea.
Q: What would be good about the music?
A: If nobody's there at the Square with you, you could listen to the music and be entertained.
Q: How do you like my suggestion of the whole body situation?
A: I think that's a good suggestion and I think they should use it.
Q: How about for the Sun Roof?
A: That's also a good suggestion but people wouldn't buy tans anymore.
Q: How about the gym?
A: I think that's a great idea because I am on a basketball team and we have no gym.
Q: Okay, thanks for your time, I gotta run now.
A: Bye!

So, if you think these are worthy ideas, please Y-mail moonbaby.



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