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The Big Winter Storm

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A huge winter snowstorm hit the northwestern part of the United States recently. At any elevation, meteorologists expected at least six inches of snow. For big cities like Portland, Ore., this was a big deal. The snow could lead to flooding and icy road conditions which created accidents. This also led to people not being able to get to work because it would be dangerous.

The snow began on New Years' Day. Officials announced a storm warning for Jan. 5 and 6. Soon enough, chains or other traction devices were required in certain areas. Some people thought 4-wheel drive was enough... but people who didn't use chains were probably not able to get anywhere.

On Jan. 7, freezing rain came, which made it all worse! People HAD to use chains, for nothing else would let their cars move. At my house, we had six inches of snow and two inches of ice!! For others this may seem not a lot, but it sure was for us. A local lake was almost completely frozen over!

Kids like me were happy to hear that schools were going to be closed. We basically had a 3-week winter vacation!

At this time, the cities which were hit are not only worried about flooding from the snow melting, but also power outages! Ice can easily freeze power lines and have a branch fall on it, snapping the wire.

For more on this topic, watch maybe the Weather Channel or your local news -- they may tell you some more up-to-date info.


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