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What Makes a City Worker?

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Deriko here, wearing my gorgeous, noticeable pieces of equipment. Do you see the medal on my face and the hat on my head? Do the "W"'s on each of these make me a Whyville City Worker? This is a question I've been asked for about 6 months running.

The veteran medal I have signifies that I had attended Whyville for 11 months at the time when I received it. It does not mean I work for Whyville, and it does not mean I can do anything other people can't (well, except maybe dancing -- and that's just because I was around when the dance store was still open). There are 3 veteran medals: bronze, silver and gold. The silver medal appears much like the gold one when you see it in chat rooms. This was a slight defect in the design, but none of the silver veteran medal wearers mind much, of course.

Now, on to my hat. Its name is "The Whyhat". It was created by City Workers many years ago, and distributed to Whyvillians free of charge. Anyone who wanted one got one. If you go the the Club Why tree-house, you will actually see this hat hanging on hat rack. Nobody really cared about this hat back then because it was considered a "newbie" item. Me, I took one just because it was free. Now I get questions like, "Are you a City Worker?" and "When will the mall open?" I can't go to the mall without being bombarded with, "What's taking so long with the mall?"

About one month ago, I was asked by an unnamed Whyvillian, "Are you a City Worker?" I politely responded, "No, sorry, I'm not a CW."

This person seemed to think that she was right, and insisted that I was a City Worker. "I can see your CW beanie!"

I told her again, I was not a City Worker, and asked her to look me up. I told her, "City Workers say they are City Workers in their city records." About one minute later, she came back, and apologized for being so pushy.

Now, what would have happened if I had said, "You're so right, I am a City Worker, sorry for lying!" Think about the possibilities!!!

My hat is nothing special. It was given to people who wanted to support Whyville in a free manner. I am not a City Worker, and I doubt I ever will be. Again, I cannot help feeling how open these people who are so quick to believe are to being hacked. I don't want some other oldbie who has this hat to tell these people that he/she is a City Worker. It could result in hundreds of people having their accounts hacked.

Who wants to be hacked? Not me! There are a lot of ways to trick people into thinking they are a City Worker. I've even seen an imitation CW beanie, which was a close design to that of a normal City Worker's beanie. It just takes a few parts from Akbar's Face Mall, and a little imagination, to have your own *fake* CW beanie. My advice to you is, do not believe anyone is a City Worker until you look them up. Below their gender, their city record should tell you "He/She is a Whyville City Worker". If that phrase is not there, he or she is definitely *not* a City Worker.

I can provide you with my most accurate list of City Workers, but I am not sure if it is complete, or completely accurate.

-City Hall

That is my list of City Workers so far -- but even if you see those names, it can't be trusted totally. If you see someone saying they are a City Worker, they probably cannot be 100% trusted until you see their city records. Editor's Note: And no matter what the city records says, no one should ever ask for your password or personal information!

Thanks everyone, and I hope you have a safe, fun-filled day!

Your Average Guy,


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