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End the Fight

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Dear Citizens,

I was chatting with my friends at Dr. Leila's, and it was a typical day. Everyone was chatting like crazy and it was quite busy, so I went to the pool. There, I saw this humongous fight I wanted to end. Everyone was talking about noobs and about how they are stupid.

Actually, noobs aren't stupid. They are the voice of many new ideas. They are pretty cool when you get to know them. Also, "noobs" are sometimes not pretty because they don't have that many clams. And OTHER people make fun of them. Instead of laughing, why not help them? No one is really pretty on here anyway, because we are really just cartoons.

It bugs me so much that EVERY SINGLE person on Whyville makes fun of "noobs." We should make Whyville a better place and be nice to everyone. I know the outside world can't have much peace but COME on, I know Whyville can!

The other day, some blondes at the pool were saying they were so much prettier than everyone else. (I don't mean to offend blondes, but that's the hair these people were wearing.) And I hate it when people are dissing others for being ugly when they obviously aren't new and earned their parts! No one is ugly -- they are unique! It's sad that not enough people can see it that way.

I am a Whyville addict. I want to make Whyville a better place by people trying to be nicer to the new ones! What did they do to you?

Well, I must be off to shopping. Hope I helped!



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