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Marriage: The True Facts

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Marriage: The True Facts
Tech-Girl explores the subject of Whyville Weddings

   by Tech-Girl
  Guest Writer

Hey Peeps (Whyvillians),

One of the major decisions being made today in Whyville is Marriage. Marriage is something to be treasured and shared by two people who respect and love (like in this case) each other, NOT for popularity and attraction.

I have interviewed two people, azzkickr and GwenStfni.

Me: What do you think about getting married in Whyville?


Azzkickr: Romantic, sweet, very good idea.
GwnStfNI: Sweet idea, but not a good choice made by some Whyvillians.

Me: What makes you think that Azzkickr?
Azzkickr: The ages of people, and it's just a spur of the moment thing for some people.

Me: What about getting a chapel in Whyville?
GwnStfNI: Great idea, more privacy.
Azzkickr: Cool and realistic.

Me: What about divorce?
GwnStfNI: Oh, no!
Azzkickr: Hee hee.

Me: Have you considered getting married? If so, why?
GwnStfNI: I would like to, once I find the right person.
Azzkickr: I am getting married to Nick. It shows how much we respect and treasure each other.

(Aww isn't that sweet? They are meant for each other!)

Me: Don't you think we could turn into Movie Stars? Always getting married then divorced?!
Azzkickr: You're right, Tech! LOL!

Thank-you both of you for your time, and I wish you well in your marriage, Azzkickr!

My Thoughts> (I know I know! Just give me a second!):
Marriage is something to work up to, something to enjoy. If you have met the right person, well there should be a chapel. I'm for marriage but there are some things that should be cleared up before the big day!

Things to think about if you want to get hitched:

  • Priest
  • Tux
  • Wedding dress
  • Flowers
  • Photographer
  • MAIN THOUGHT: The wedding is supposed to be the most happiest day of your life, so from then on everything is down and never as exciting or fun as the day you got hitched.

Thank-you all Whyvillians for reading,

This is Tech-Girl signing off!


P.S: I'd like to hear City Hall's and the Editor's thought on this subject!




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