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Real CWs and Fake CWs

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Hi, I'm Firch and I'm here to talk about what I saw in the Greek Theater today. Today what I saw was really bad. There were two boys on stage saying they were City Workers. A lot of people didn't believe them, of course. But if someone did, they would have gotten hacked!

People said "But you don't have your CW beanie on!!" and they said "Well, actually, CWs can take off their beanies!" The good news is, NO ONE believed with them.

What I'm trying to say is that you should not trust a person just because he/she is on stage and saying that he/she is a Whyville City Worker. I believe that City Workers always wear their CW hat and it says in their city records that he/she is a Whyville City Worker. They have also said that if they're not wearing their CW hat, you don't have to treat them like a City Worker!

Even if they're wearing the beanie, this does not mean that you should give out personal info to them. It's never wise to give out your info! But you can trust them.

Remember, ALL CITY WORKERS ARE ADULTS AND WEAR THE CW BEANIE. Please, my fellow Whyvillians, don't say that you are a City Worker.

Never give your password out to anyone, even to City Workers. They don't need to ask, so why would they?

Thank you for your time,
Firch, your Whyville friend

Editor's Note: That's right -- don't ever give out your personal info, including your password, to anyone, even a City Worker! Doesn't matter who they say they are, if they're asking for your password, they're asking for trouble. Use the 911 tool right away, and ignore anything else they have to say.


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