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Newbie Help: Protecting Yourself

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I just wrote an advice column for newbies not too long ago, about abbreviations that Whyvillians use on Whyville. I decided that helping newbies out would be a good thing to do. I am going to try to get some more advice columns out for newbies.

This particular one is about your password, how to recognize a City Worker, scammers, and the 911 Report.

Your Password:
Your password is the most important thing in Whyville, SO NEVER GIVE IT TO ANYONE!! I know newbies (and veterans, too) are always tempted by makeovers, but hold back. You will get your own face. It just takes time.

City Workers, and how to distinguish them from regular citizens:
City Workers are the people who run Whyville. They are not people with "the whyhat" and a medal for being in Whyville for a long time. All City Workers have a CW beanie. This is a RED hat with a white "CW" on the front and a spinning wheel thing on top. "The whyhat" is an orange, kind of paisley hat with a big W on it. This is NOT a CW beanie. If you run into someone and they ask for your password and they say they're a CW, DO NOT BELIEVE THEM!! They may even have an imitation beanie on, although Akbar's supposed to keep that from happening. Besides, a CW would never ask for your password; they have it on file and can look it up at any time. Another way you can tell who the person is is to look them up on City Records. Their page will SAY if they are a CW, in official font and everything. If it doesn't say, they definitely aren't one!!

A scammer is not the same thing as a hacker. A hacker is a person who will get onto your account and steal things, and a scammer... well, have you ever seen a person wearing a lot of stuff, saying something like "SALE, PRESS 123!!"? Well, sometimes those people will say to you, "This hair is 30 clams, send me the clams, and then I will send the hair." Fact is, there's a good chance that person is just out to get your money. They will never send you the hair, or shirt, or whatever. There are also backward scams. If YOU are trying to sell something, they'll say, "Send the shirt first, please," so you send the shirt, and they will most likely never send the money. Some people on Whyville are pretty mean, so watch out for yourselves.

The 911 Report is what you use when someone asks for your pw (password), or says they are a City Worker, or even sends a chain letter, which may say something like: 'If you only send this to 2 people you will die within the next 6 mos.' Those are stupid, and I believe even if your best friend sends you it, you need to report them. Editor's Note: Chain letters don't *have* to be reported, but they can be. It's most important that you report if you see people asking for personal information or saying sexually or racially offensive stuff in chat/y-mail/BBS/city records. Also, off-topic posts on the BBS can be reported, as well.

How to report:
When you are chatting, all you have to do is double click on the person, and select 911 Report. If you are sent a chain letter, there is a little phone on the corner of the message. click on this, and it will send you to the 911 report form. If there is something offensive is in someone's city records page, you can report that too. After their message, there is another little phone. Click on that once again. Remember, you need to report when and where the bad behavior occured -- reporting a city record for something somebody said in chat is totally useless.

BUT BEWARE! If you use this because you lost a beauty contest, or someone was "being mean" or you just don't like someone, YOU will be punished. Use this with the same care as you would the real 911 phone number.


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