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The Idea of a Mall

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The Idea of a Mall
Bluishy reports on what some citizens think

   by bluishy
  Guest Writer

This is bluishy, once again reporting to you the opinions of fellow Whyvillians. Today I am going to show you what Whyvillians think of having a mall here.

I interviewed 3 gals and 3 guys so the opinions would be more spread out. I asked them three simple questions, but they had a lot to say, so this article won't be as short as you think.


Me: So, what is your opinion of having a mall in Whyville?
elisabeth: I would love it!! It would be cool shopping with friends!
Mckenzie: I agree with elisabeth, it would be fun.
Azzkickr: Yeah, shopping with my friends, but I'm just curious on how they plan on setting it up.
sailorm: I think it would be a great idea.
Aeroabt: Oh, everybody likes to hang out at the mall, so it would be a great socializing spot.
Andy272K: Um.... it's a good idea.

Me: What do you imagine the mall would be like if we had one?
elisabeth: It would be really big, and when you walk in there would be a long row of doors, and each door will say the name of the store, (e.g. Akbar's) and the doors open and close by themselves.
Azzkickr: Really crowded.
Aeroabt: Maybe we would get rid of the bazaar, to get a more up-to-date shopping place.
sailorm: We could have like a food court and stuff like that.
Andy272K: It would have, like, Akbar's and the Brick Emporium, and there would be, like, a food court. You could go to this casino where you could win stuff and, like, bet, and there would be an arcade and stuff.

Me: So, if we had a mall, what would you like it to be named?
elisabeth: Y-ville Mall Plaza.
Azzkickr: Y-ville Shopping or something.
sailorm: The Mall of Whyville, you know like The Mall of America.
Aeroabt: I, umm... don't know, Y-ville Mall?
Andy272K: Umm... like the Whyville Central Mall.

Well there you have it, the ideas of fellow Whyvillians. This is bluishy, signing off!




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