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I'm Guilty!

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I feel ashamed after reading last week's "End the Fight" by Chloe. It's sad and true. EVERYONE makes fun of newbies. But isn't everyone a newbie? Unless you were someone who joined in 1999, you're a newbie to somebody else. Simple and plain.

No one's perfect. Who wants to be? What makes being a newb/newbie bad, anyway? Sure, they have no clams or face parts or friends, but we all know it will soon change. Especially if we behave nicely -- we don't even have to give out clams to help the matter.

In fact, I miss being a newbie. And so do a lot of people I know. What's not to miss? It was like an adventure. A new place to explore. Now that I'm not so new, I feel like Whyville's old and tired, and I know everything about it. Even though that may not be true, it's a true feeling.

Newbies shouldn't be looked down upon. They're Whyville's future. As the kids being born this year are our real-world future. People should help newbies; guide them, not make fun of them.

I know many people are reading this or read Chloe's article and said, 'I have never made fun of one newbie.' Well, that's not true, not for must of us anyway. People constantly use the claim of being better because they've been around longer. Or say "You're ugly," "You don't have a house! Haha!" or ignore newcomers or say "Leave me alone, you newb!" It's all forms of abuse.

I'm just saying, from now on. I'm going to be kind.
So you should, too.

Be kind, donate -- give of your time, your spirit, your clams or your face parts. Doesn't matter what you give, you'll feel better for it.



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