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Somewhere Between Life and Death

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Hello. Good evening, and welcome to what might be one of the last articles I will ever write for the Times. This is a more serious article where I want to express my fears that Whyville, may in fact be, dying.

Little under three years ago, Whyville was a kicking and striving place. A toddler in the website world. New, and fresh, and original. It was at, in my opinion, its highpoint over the summer of 2001. But times change, and publicity changes things even more.

As Whyville grew, the community steadily declined. Your original members abandoned you, crime rate went up, and there were more and more demands. Demands that Whyville couldn't handle -- there just wasn't money. So a WhyPass system was created after there were too many people for the server to handle. This got them some money, a new server... and more members. Things looked like they would even out eventually back then; but here we are, still on a rocky patch. And I want to know, should I stick this out, or is this the dirt road to oblivion?

I have to admit, I do put up with a lot of things for Whyville. Why? God knows. I'm attached, though: Whyville nurtured me and taught me how to make friends and be smart at the same time. I could be anything I wanted on here, and now I'm confident enough to do it in real life.

Either way, my point is that Whyville IS dying. Something is amiss. Nothing works, nothing gets done, the email is pretty rude half of the time, and it feels like the love and care is gone. Remember when this place FELT friendly? It's cold and hard now, when the only people you thought were cool for so so long turn their backs and ignore you.

Sure, we are a bunch of kids, but in a way, City Workers are like our parents, and I'm feeling quite malnourished here. I know you don't have all the time in the world, but don't give up on us, we're not giving up on you, yet...!

Whyvillians reading this, please, please be patient with the workers, and try to understand, they are busy, some parents, others teachers and professors, some in university, others, working class people, all trying to do one thing, make a living and keep Whyville going. It's not easy, so let's show them we care, by not complaining as much, not swearing or being rude so much, and by letting them know how important they are to Whyville.

To the City-Workers!

A response from all the City Workers:

When we first read the article by BabyPowdr, it also made us sad. BabyPowdr is one of the oldest Whyvillians and has been an important writer for the Whyville Times for more than two years. While we value the opinion of all Whyvillians, we know that BabyPowdr has been an especially big supporter and knows Whyville very well. It would be sad not to have her contributing any longer.

But we are here to say that we think some of what BabyPowdr is worried about is true. Whyville has grown, and with growth always comes complications and difficulties. Some of the City Workers still remember when we were just a small town, and City Hall and the other City Workers had time to come to Whyville and talk to citizens every day. Back then, we didn't have to worry about how many face parts were being made, and everything was fresh and new and it all worked.

We City Workers want to let you know that we are completely dedicated to improving Whyville. To getting Mimi back to work, fixing the face part situation, and OPENING the MALL as soon as we can. All our citizens should also know that we have hired a new programmer who has been going around Whyville making lists of things that don't work, and figuring out how to fix them! This new year will see the introduction of many new and interesting things in Whyville. BabyPowdr is right, we need to also take care of the old things, and make sure that the original reason that the oldbies came to Whyville is the reason that newbies want to be here too.

Whyville is not dying, we believe. Whyville is growing and changing, and just like our citizens who are growing and changing too, sometimes things can get a little rough for us. But with your help and good will, Whyville will get better and better.

Thank you, BabyPowdr, and all the other citizens who have raised concerns.



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