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Elections Alive!

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It's that time again!

Yes, it's time for another Senate Race, in which you, the citizens of Whyville, get to run for elected office. Design your platforms, review and compare everything, and decide who can best represent the citizenry. What can the candidates really accomplish? What are good characteristics of a Whyville Senator? Ask yourselves these questions -- try to find an answer, not only within yourselves but amongst your fellow citizens, friends and otherwise. We're all in this together!

If you want to be an official candidate, post your platform in the City Hall petitions booth. In two weeks (as of Jan. 17), the candidates with the best platforms will be selected to have their petition/poll posted in the Whyville Times, on Feb. 7. These individuals will hold an official Whyville debate, hosted by City Hall, on Wednesday, Feb. 18. Voting will start right afterward.

Remember, when the official votes happen, you'll only be able to pick one person to vote for!

It may all seem to happen really quickly, but have no fear -- the next Senate Race is just around the corner, starting in mid-March.

Check out City Hall's June announcement of the original Senator seat, which was won by Giggler01 in the final weeks of August. Giggler01 will be stepping down from her 6-month position as Whyville's first Senator next month, though there are no rules against her running for office again. Thanks to Giggler01 for serving our community so faithfully and honestly!

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