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Spirited Away

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'Sup? This is sadielo again! :P I want to thank the Times Editor for making me a Whyville reviewer! OXOXO!!! I haven't had any articles printed since May! (Actually, I've only sent one in, LOL.)

Spirited Away is my favorite movie. It is a Japanese film about a little girl named Chihiro (later she's called Sen). She is moving with her parents to a new house in a different city. Her parents get lost on the road, so her dad takes a "shortcut." Then they see a tunnel, which they enter, wondering what it is. They think they've found a theme park! Then, her dad smells food. They search for it, find it, and try it, but Chihiro doesn't. Her parents get addicted to this "good food." (I have to admit, to me, Japanese food is gross, especially sushi -- not trying to offend you Japanese folks!!)

Chihiro explores this strange place and finds a bath house. At that point, some guy comes and tells her run away before the sun sets, which it is already doing, and pretty fast! She runs to get her parents, but they turn into pigs! Suddenly, all these spirits come and surround Chihiro. She goes back the way they came, but it is filled up with water!!

Chihiro tries to hide, not knowing what to do, but the boy from earlier comes and hides her from an evil witch. He says the only way to be safe is for her to work in the bath house. But first she has to convince the witch to hire her!?? (I won't tell you how she does it, or what work she has to do -- you'll have to discover that for yourself.)

As a slave in the bath house, Chihiro (now known as Sen, because the witch has stolen her name!) has to save her parents before they are eaten.?? She also has to save her friend, who cannot remember his life before working for the witch.

I would totally give "Spirited Away" to someone who likes sad movies, adventure, anime (Japanese cartoon) and make-believe. I give it ****1/2 stars!!! (four and a half!)

See ya later daugs,



Editor's Note: The director of this movie, Hayao Miyazaki, is celebrated as one of the best animators and directors in Japan.?? Maybe our readers can get their parents to help find other movies by Miyazaki and review them!


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