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Finding the WhyHouse

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I have been a member of Whyville for what seems like quite a while now, and I am very dedicated to it. I get on everyday and wander around.

One day, I decided that I needed to find something to do on Whyville to add a fresh new sense of fun. At first, my best friend and I hosted a "Miss Whyville pageant" that took a week, but when it was over I wanted something else to do, something more permanent. So, I decided to make a club.

I mailed a few City Workers and they said it wasn't against any rules to make my own club. I decided to put together a group that helps Whyville and all Whyvillians, newbies and oldbies.

I began going around whispering to people about my new club and asking them if they would like to join. I came across a girl who told me she was already part of a club called the "Death Angels" (which some of you may have heard of). That got me interested.

I looked up the club leader, Deriko, and went to the website he had listed (City Workers usually delete that sort of thing -- I wonder why it didn't get 911 reported and blocked?) and found out more on his club. I learned that he held his meetings in what he called the WhyHouse. I tried to join the club in order to find out where this place was, but I found it takes way too much effort to join. Deriko asked for more clams than I was willing to sacrifice, so I set out to find it on my own.

I sought the help of a very kind City Worker whom I thank greatly; he told me that the WhyHouse link didn't go to the right place and there really was a WhyHouse page. I just had to find it!

I worked hard for part of a day, and when I tried again in a different link-place (for what seemed like the millionth time), a gray box appeared... and slowly the WhyHouse came into view! Yes!!!

I wish luck to anyone who sets out in search of the WhyHouse -- I hope you find it!!



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