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Senators or Friends, That is the Question!

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So by now, I think you know about the new Senator Election. Everybody is all hyped up, ready for action! It's all people are talking about (besides the mall and stuff). Most of my friends are running.... And I am happy for them and all, but what if none of them win?! What if somebody who none of my friends even knows wins?

Or WORSE! What if one of my friends DOES win??!! What then? Do I treat them the same? Or are they like, royalty? Should I do more things for them? But the question I have been wondering about the most is: Can I prevent my friends from fighting???

I think a lot of you are thinking this also. If a lot of your friends are running, at least 2 are bound to fight about something. Whether it's who is winning, who is lying, what the right thing to do is, etc. Some of your friends ARE going to fight. While there is no way to prevent them from fighting, you can make sure you don't get caught between them! Here is my easy guide to show you how:

1. Never advertise for any of your pals. If you do this, your other senator to be friends will get angry, and make you do the same for them! Which can't lead to anything good.

2. Don't gossip about who is winning. At some point, the person you are talking about, will hear that you were the person who started all the rumors. Rumors are never good, and you don't wanna be seen as the Gossip King/Queen, do you?

Last, and most importantly:

3. If there is too much pressure, just don't vote! They can't get mad at you if you don't vote!

There ya go, hope I helped!


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