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Mimi's Back!

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They circle around you like a swarm of bees. Left, right, left right. No, they aren't animals that are going to eat you. They're dancers!

Have you been noticing that a bunch of people are dancing, everywhere? I noticed that on Wednesday and it's been happening even more lately. Today, I finally figured out why! (Yeah, it's pathetic. It took me four days to figure it out.)

I was at the Senate debate on Wednesday and I noticed something weird. Everyone, and I repeat, everyone was dancing. I figured these were just a bunch of people who enjoyed dancing. For the next few days, I began to see that it wasn't only those folks that were dancing. It was everyone. It was an epidemic. Swirling colors on my screen.... ohhh... I feel woozy... too much movement! Okay, I'm better. But seriously, 3/4 of every room was filled with people dancing.

The next clue struck me when I went to my city records. It said I had a salary of 88 clams. A few days before, it was 98. What was going on?

I checked my ledger and found I didn't have anything for dance. What? I had had 10 clams for dances before this week. I had designed a bunch of dances... that no one ever bought... but I still designed them! That gave me the final clue I needed.

I headed right to the dance studio: It was open! Mimi's back! Yay!

I immediately made two dances. However, I discovered that the total procedure is a little different. 1. You could only learn two dances, the Can Can and the Shuffle. 2. Designing dances costs a lot more... or at least more than I remember. 3. And, you can now design dances with more steps.

For all you citizens who are completely confused, let me explain. If you go to the dance studio, you see a screen that shows "Learn How to Groove" and a "Private Studio." In the "Learn to Groove," you can pay 20 clams to learn either the Can Can or the Shuffle. You will go to a room where someone will be dancing. Next, you click on 'add steps.' A screen will come up with an x- and a y-axis. Hey, I'm learning about that in math! (We do a lot of review. I also learned it in 5th and 6th grade too. LoL!)

For all of you who haven't learned about x- and y-axes, an axis is a line associated with a figure or object. The X-axes are the horizontal lines. An easy way to remember this is that EX-lax gives you the runs, so you GO BACK AND FORTH. Well, that's what my crazy teacher says.

The lines going up and down are the Y-axes. An easy way to remember that is you get UP in the morning, you Yawn. I have one strange math teacher!

Any point to the left of the y-axis on the x axes are considered negative. Any to the right are positive. Any points above the x-axis on the y-axes are considered positive. Any points below are negative.

To read the point's position you would say the x-axis number and then the y-axis. This is called an ordered pair. For example, if the point is to the right of the axis 4 and below it 5 it would be read (4, -5).

Ok, back to dancing. I'll use an example this time, the Can Can. You stare at the screen and see a giant red triangle. Now what? If you look down, you see an X and a Y by some zeros. If you look at the triangle, the first move is 10 to the left. That means on the X-axis you need to go -10 spaces. You enter in each step until you've finished all of them. Then, click save. Have fun trying the dance out with your friends!

Bored with the Can-Can and the Shuffle? Go to the private studio. There you can create your own dance. You can choose from 4 steps, 8 steps, 12 steps, 16 steps, and 32 steps. It is five clams per step. A little hint: the 16 step is way too many steps. I ran out of stuff to do with it!

After you've chosen your type, choose a name for your dance. Then, start designing. It is the same concept as in the Learning area, but you don't have to follow someone else's layout. Just put the steps wherever you want!

When you've used up all your steps, save the dance and try it out on your friends. Just remember, you can't save more than one dance at a time.

And that is the story of how to dance, how I'm so stupid as not to notice dance had returned, and how my wacky math teacher remembers axes (Don't worry, she's just a little crazy, not a lot.)

Have fun dancing! Now I'm off to do the Coral. It originally was the orange peel, but I didn't know you couldn't have more than one dance. Oh well. Cest la Vie! (That's life.) Oh, and don't forget to ask Mimi how her vacation in France was!

This is Hermionez, popping out to pop some bubble wrap. *Pop*


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