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Helpful Tips on Our Trading Post

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Recently, the Whyville Trading Post has been opened! I thought that I would write an article to help people who don't know how to use it.

You may enter the Trading Post from various links in Whyville, or you can scroll down to "Trading Post" in your destination bar in the bus menu.

You will enter a room with a man sitting on a chair at a desk. You can chat with other Whyvillians here as you wait for a free trading room. Look in every trading room and see if there is anyone in it -- if there is, then you have found yourself a new trading buddy!

When you enter a trading room, a screen will pop up. You'll see a list of items that you own. Choose an item that you would like to trade, and press "ADD". You may add up to three items at a time to your trading list. Press "SET" to confirm your trading choices.

Once you and your trading buddy have both decided on what you would like to trade, press "Agree". The Agree button will turn a different color when you have pressed it.

If you trade one of your items with someone, but you didn't want to trade it, there is no way of getting it back. You can ask the person you traded with to give you back your items, but you cannot be sure that you are going to get it returned, so be careful.?? Make sure you trade what you want!


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