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Disappointed: The Senate Race

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The last time there was a senate race, I was pretty new to Whyville. I still had that weird orange curly hair and I only had a salary of 70. I had never heard of any of the candidates. I didn't read the petitions, I only read the transcript of the debate. Based on the transcript of the Senate debate, I voted for Giggler01. I didn't base it on popularity or someone running around with signs that said 'Go Giggler!' And I think I made a pretty good choice. She was a great senator.

Now her term is over and there are three new candidates: Suga269, Oreobaby, and Alicia. Frankly, I'm disappointed this time around. Not in the candidates, they are all great, in my opinion. It's their supporters. So many people are voting because Oreo has more signs or Suga is more popular or Alicia has been on Whyville longer. Not because of the issues!

I like all of their ideas and am having trouble deciding. Personally, I decided to wait until after the debate to decide. I think it isn't smart to make your final decision just based on platforms and the BBS. Those should be deciding factors, but the debate is what really counts, in my opinion.

Another problem I have with some supporters is that they are spreading rumors. They go up to people in the sun roof and say, "(Insert candidate's name here) has been bribing people with Elmos! They are paying people to vote! They are hacking into other people's accounts to make them look bad! Don't vote (insert candidate), vote (some other candidate)! That candidate would never do something wrong!"

Ok, where's the proof? Where's someone that's been bribed? It looks even stupider if the person is wearing a 'support a different candidate' sign. Well, duh! There is about a 99.9 percent chance that this person is lying just to get votes for their friend. Don't believe it. Editor's Note: And you can bet if any City Worker saw a candidate bribing for votes in the 911s or regular chat, we'd all hear about it!!

One last problem, once again involving supporters. On the BBS, there have been posts saying "Don't vote so-and-so, vote for the other so-and-so!" If this was on the second person's board, I don't care. But on the first candidate's platform's BBS? That is just rude. The boards are for questions about the platforms, not to say "You stink, other so-and-so rules!" I was actually considering not voting for a candidate because someone did a rude thing like that. Don't do it. Many people find behavior like that immature and rude. This will actually do the opposite of what you wish. You're losing votes, not getting them.

To sum it all up, voters, don't be pulled in by the swirl of lies. Vote for the candidate with the best issues, not the best hair. Vote for the candidate with the most ideas to help Whyville, not the most signs. AND don't be pulled in by lies about candidates. Ignore that and focus on the debate. Read the debate transcript with a clear slate. Don't be prejudiced against or for a candidate unless you have a truly good reason. Best idea is to choose after the debate, not before.

By the way, I do not have a grudge against any candidate because of their supporter's antics. But if I can't decide after the debate, I just may have to do it based on the control that the candidate has over her friends. Candidates, you might want to make sure your friends don't spread rumors!

This is Hermionez, signing off to go balance a pineapple on my head!


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