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The Dirty Essence of Whyville

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Whyville. Ah, what a beautiful word. A place where friends can get together after school and hang out, a wonderful learning site where people discover scientific facts and people skills. Where nobody is ever mean and everyone gets along perfectly.

Hmm. Can I reword that?

Whyville. Ah, what a... different word. A place where you can go after school, but if you don't have someone you know in real life there with you, chances are you won't have anyone to talk to, and you're unlikely to learn anything scientific. Where, if you're lucky, only one or two people a day will call you ugly and stupid, and where everyone considers you a noobie, no matter who you are.

Well, I think that captures the essence of Whyville, now onto the details.

I've been on Whyville for six and a half months. It used to be, I've heard, that if you were on for three months, you were no longer a newbie, but you weren't an oldbie yet. You were... a midbie.

So then, a newbie was someone under three months, right? Well, not anymore. Now, if you've been here for less than a year, then, as a person whom I know (but don't necessarily like) puts it, "Ur such a noob, dont talk to me I dont talk to noobs!"?? That's exactly how they said it.

I try, I really do try, to be a good citizen of Whyville. I don't curse, I don't call newbies names, and I don't consider myself to be the most popular person on Whyville. Popular people come and go, as I know well. I used to be friends with the popular people, but then they stopped coming to Whyville, and they've been replaced by people I don't like so much.... *sigh*

Well, this is monkey459, going to try to make Whyville a better place.

p.s. Please don't y-mail be about how "Your article is crap" and "It's all a lie". I don't want to hear it. I'm sharing my opinion and that's that. If you have something thoughtful to share, please share it with us on the BBS. Thank you.


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