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Great Campaign Tips!

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I found out that they were having another senator voted in. I was like, well, wow, wouldn't that be cool, to be senator of Whyville? But through campaigning, I realized some good tips that I thought I should share with you.

-People DON'T like to be lied to, so don't even try to lie -- people know when you're doing it.
-Don't EVER promise anything because you don't know if you can really fulfill that Senators don't have all the power most people seem to think they do.
-Be patient with your votes: they won't all come at the same time. Remember to campaign, but don't just go up to people and say "Vote for me as Senator!" Why? Because they don't know why you want to be Senator, who you are, why you'd be good, etc. I suggest Why-mailing people and telling them that you are running and why. It is much more effective.?? You could even ask people in chat if they mind you Y-mailing them, and they'll appreciate your politeness!
-Don't be afraid to go into a little detail when telling people about what you'd try to do as Senator.
-Think about your campaign before you put it out there. Don't sway to one side always don't always stay with newbies or oldbies or rich Whyvillians or poor Whyvillians etc. The Senator is supposed to help everyone.
-Everyone on Whyville is not perfect, so don't try to lie and say that you have never been taped or you have never swore (unless it is actually true! -- but most Whyvillians will doubt you). Do say "Yes, I have been taped, most people have, but I am very ashamed of this and I haven't done wrong since then." That way people know that you learn from your mistakes.

Don't listen to people:
-Who PROMISE that they will do this or that, because they can't promise anything they don't no what they can or can not do depending on what Whyville wants to do.
-Who say will give you clams if you vote for them. ABSOLUTELY NOT -- they are lying to get your votes. Think about how many clams that is and how they obviously didn't think about campaigning much, which means they may not have enough time for you and other Whyvillians.
-Who say they will give all Whyvillians a weird amount of clams, for example:1,000,000,000,000. They won't and they couldn't! What would be the fun of Whyville if everyone had that many clams, anyway? There wouldn't be a point, would there?
-Who didn't spend time on there campaign and it is little or nothing at all. Do you really think that they would have time for you and many others if they couldn't even think for a half hour about what they want to say and why you should make them your senate?

Good things to look for when you vote:
-The Platform. How long is it? Is it descriptive and Punctuated and grammar all right? Because if they can't take the time to use proper grammar and punctuate it than what is the point? Of course, if someone makes one mistake don't just not vote for them because of that little mistake. They may have put time and effort in and just missed it, that's ok.
-The Campaign. Are they campaigning? What do they say? How is it is it long or short? Descriptive? Punctuated? Use proper grammar. Did they say they would help Whyville in ways you could see being changed?

If you Why-mailed the candidates questions, did they take the time to answer them well? Or did they just kind of throw something together? Make sure that they had a campaign that have all the proper information. If it was mostly punctuated and used proper grammar (like I said before, 1 or 2 errors doesn't make them a bad person, they just missed something, and I'm sure they didn't mean to!). If they didn't take time to answer YOUR questions, what is the point of them being senator? They might just throw something together for that too.

Also, did they just yell out in a room "VOTE FOR ME" or "IM BETTER THAN ALL THE OTHER RUNNERS"? Don't vote for them.

The Person
-Did someone ask you to vote for them? Try and observe them to see how they act to other people: were they kind and nice? or cold and distant? If they were kind and nice, you know that's probably how they will act as Senator, and they'll be nice to you and answer you. Do they yell or swear? Were they taped when they were running? Did they explain why? Were they sorry about it and promise to never do it again? Or did they just shrug it off? If they said they were sorry then you know they might be a good person and really didn't mean it. Unless they lied -- but people can usually tell.

If a candidate for Senator has all these qualities or most of them, I think this is the best person to vote for. Use this as a reference for voting for this Senator and future Senators. And good luck to everyone!


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