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Whyville: Bigger and Better

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Whyville is getting bigger and better. It is not the Whyville we used to know (LoL). The Mall is opened and the Trading Post is opened, all so soon! Here is the Trading Post entrance:

The man at the counter's name is Brett. Odd...?

This is the trading part of the Trading Post. When you sit in a chair, a screen pops up. You put up face parts, that appear in those shelves. When both people in the chairs appear, both push 'Agree' and Whyville switches the face parts (or clams).

But the most recent add-on to Whyville is the extension to the mall! To get there, you go to mall on your destination list in the bus menu, it takes you right to here:

This place has been here a while, but now you can click inside and go to the mall!

By clicking on the button to the left (Trading Post button), you go to the Trading Post. By clicking the button on the right (Food Court button), you go to the food court.

LOOK! Whyville Market? And shops haven't even came out yet! The mall is getting bigger and so is Whyville!

Whyville has changed a lot over the past, what, 5 years?!?! If you want to see pictures of what Whyville used to be like, a lot of articles have them.... Just search under "Gallery."

Well, that's all, BuhBi!

On the scene, Clamie-Queen, LoL!


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