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The Whyville Senate Debate!!

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Editor's Note: Here's the transcript of the Whyville Senator Debate, held on Wednesday, February 18 -- we've only kept the questions and answers of the candidates and City Workers, for the most part, so it's not 5 miles long... :-)?? Enjoy, and may the best candidate win!?? The winner will be announced in next week's Times.

superid: The way the debate will work is that I will take questions from the audience, then give each candiate in turn a chance to answer the question
superid: I would ask that when the question are being answered, everyone not talk or whisper so we can all listen
superid: As you all know, this is our senate debate, and our three candidates for senate are here
superid: so, first things first, our candidates are Alicia, oreobaby and Suga246 lets all clap for them having gotten this far

superid: I think we will start by having each candidate briefly state what they think is the most important thing they will do for whyville -- Oreo, you want to start?
superid: everyone else should be quiet for a few minutes
superid: Oreo, the stage is yours

OrEoBaBy: i think the most important thing that i mentioned was have businesses sponsor whyville so we can help to make whyville grow

superid: Alicia what do you think is the most important thing you can do for whyville?
superid: the stage is yours Alicia

Alicia: I think most importantly would be to get an actual tour rather than virtual to help new members learn about Whyville.

superid: ok, our last candidate Suga - you can take the stage

Suga246: that was mine..well kinda
Bigfoot: It's okay to agree with your fellow candidates
Suga246: i can talk about the tutorials?
Suga246: i think thats the most important out of all my ideas
Bigfoot: go ahead, Suga, whatever you feel is most important
superid: can you briefly tell us the idea about tutorials?
Suga246: I feel that we should finish the newbie center and many newbies that enter whyville get shut out so we should ahev tutor
Suga246: have tutorials and guidelines how great whyville is and a little chat where they can feel belonged

superid: very nice all of you.
superid: now, I would like one question from the audience to ask each of the candidates
Bigfoot: Ask your questions and we'll pick it out of what you say

01pAnDa: why did you decide to run for senator???????

superid: go ahead Alicia
Alicia: I think i'd be good because i like helping people and listening to suggestions. Id like to share what i know about Whyville with others and I just really want to help make a difference in whyville give back for what its given me

superid: ok oreo your turn now, why would you make a good senator?
OrEoBaBy: think i would make a good senator b/c of my communication skills and creativity!........
OrEoBaBy: communication is a two way street and i communicate well w/ peolpe of any age race and gender
OrEoBaBy: as far as creativity the sky is the limit!

superid: thank you oreo, and Suga, why do you think you would make a good senator?
Suga246: I feel that i have good ideas and I have put myself otu there trying to make whyville a better place, i have alternatives instead of solutions and i try my best at all times

superid: ok, I need another question for our candidates
superid: suga can go first this time

superid: here is the question "would you add new things to whyville or improve on ones we have?"
Suga246: We have amny problems on whyville and we shoudl ahve new things but not anything major becase we have a limitation on space, we shoudl fix up the problems we have and THEN get new things

superid: thank you suga, oreo, your answer to the question?
OrEoBaBy: we firts have to think about improvement before we add new, if something cannot work, then remove it to make something new

superid: thank you oreo and alicia?
Alicia: I think there are things that need to be improved on Whyville. Although new things would be a plus over time.

superid: here is a question from the cityworkers based on an important concern to many whyvillians
superid: how would you deal with the plot situation?
Bigfoot: This should be a good debate...

superid: oreo?
OrEoBaBy: I would take a poll to see how many people accually use their homes, i kno i dont use mine much and that space could be
OrEoBaBy: the space could be used to better Whyville

superid: thank you oreo, suga your response to the problem with the plots?
Suga246: I know that i cannot please everyone but i want to completely abolish the plots, People have spent clams on their furniture and i completely understand but i never used my plot and not man people do, they are not working currently and could take them away for another room or just for more space

superid: and finally alicia, what would you do about this difficult situation?
Alicia: I know a lot of people that use the plots and have worked to get them and keep them. Many people seem to want them.

Suga246: yeah i nkow its a broad subject and so many people want them and dont want them
Alicia: I don't think they should be taken away from people who have worked for them and tried to get them
Alicia: More people seem to want them and I think there sould be more.

superid: thank you alicia and thank you all candidates for your interesting answers

superid: ok, one more question from the audience for our candidates
superid: ok, the question is -- Why did you each decide to run for Senator?

superid: Alicia, do you want to start??
Alicia: Sure =]
Alicia: I decided to run because I wanted to give back to Whyville, make a difference and help people.
Alicia: Along with sharing my ideas.

superid: thank you alicia, suga your answer?
Suga246: Whyville has been my home, I have gone here to escape reality and to keep myself busy from the difficult changes in my life and I want to give whyville something back because they have done so much for me

superid: and oreo, your answer to the question why you are running for senator
OrEoBaBy: i decided to run because I love Whyville and I am very interested in its future and growth! Whyville Rox!!!!!

superid: thank you candidates for another set of very good answers
superid: And now, I have a question I would like to ask myself
superid: Whyville has grown and keeps growing a lot -- do you think that is a good or bad thing?

superid: suga?
Suga246: i think that it is amazing how so many people can come in such a sort amount of time, i love that there are new people
Suga246: all the time to give whyville a new sense of creativity with all of these new ideas from all sorts of people

superid: Oreo -- is growth good or bad?
OrEoBaBy: Growth and population is always good but whyville needs to keep growing to accomodate them

superid: And alicia -- is growth good or bad?
Alicia: Growth is definitally good. If you had a busniess you'd want more custumers right? Well in the same sense Whyville ..

superid: would any other cityworkers like to ask a question?
Bigfoot: I have a few questions...
superid: ok, big foot bob has some quesations, so I am going to turn the screen over to him
Bigfoot: heh, superid never remembers i'm Bigfoot Bill...
superid: I have to leave now
superid: but, I want to say that I am very impressed by the candidates
superid: and I think that Whyvillians will have a hard decision to make
superid: and I think I speak for all the city workers that I look forward to working with the winner
superid: so, good luck to you all -- bigfoot, go ahead and take over

Bigfoot: First of all, to let you know, the election begins after the debate
Bigfoot: The election will run for a few days, I believe
Bigfoot: But make sure you choose one person to vote for!
Bigfoot: Voting happens when you log in to Whyville -- there will be a screen where you can vote

Bigfoot: Okay, I have a few questions for the candidates
Bigfoot: First question: The Whyville-age of our candidates has gotten to be something of a big deal in this senate race....
Bigfoot: Do you think it's important how "old" a Senator is?

Bigfoot: Let's start with Suga246
Suga246: I dont think that necisaarly you have to be on whyville for a certain amount of time, but i think that each candidate
Suga246: should at least know the problems and concerns about whyville and be aware
Suga246: want me to talk about oru real age?
Bigfoot: if you think it's important, sure, but if not, don't worry about it
Suga246: Our real age is not that important we can be 10 and still do somethnig for whyville

Bigfoot: Mainly I'm asking because it became something of an issue in the Times' BBS, especially about Alicia being a veteran and whether that was a good or a bad
Bigfoot: Okay, Alicia?
Alicia: I dont think how long your a member matters. I think a senator should have knowledge about Whyville to deal with pros and cons of Whyville.

Bigfoot: Thanks Alicia, and now OreoBaby
OrEoBaBy: i personally do not think it matters as long as their heart is in the right place, and they are really commited to makin whyville a better place

Bigfoot: Okay, next -- Oreobaby has suggested that we make harsher punishments for prejudice -- can you give us some examples, Oreo?
OrEoBaBy: if they are taped for a longer time everytime and eventually banishment of not only the account but each account listed
OrEoBaBy: uner that email address
Bigfoot: What do you mean by prejudice?
OrEoBaBy: makin fun of any b/c of there newness, age, race, or abilities
Bigfoot: ok, thanks!

Bigfoot: Alicia, you've suggested making more competitions in the Whyville Times -- but only like 20% of citizens read the Times! How do we get more ppl to read the best source of info in Whyville?
Alicia: Well theres a lot of good in the Times. I think there should be more things to keep people interesting, puzzels, contest
Alicia: People want to get involved in things. Not just read things so it seems.

Bigfoot: Okay, one last question, this one's for Suga246
Bigfoot: All our candidates have made suggestions about creating a newbie center -- what do you think is most important in encouraging our citizens to help new folks out?
Suga246: You cant really make everyone decision and you cant stop people from not helping but i think that by giving the newbies
Suga246: more credit or more reconization will gives oldbies the kind of attitdue like "wow, the neebis contribute to our community, or they do make a difference"

Bigfoot: Thanks to all our candidates!
Bigfoot: I know some of you need to go now, so feel free. Anyone who can stay, feel free to continue to ask our candidates more questions, if they're able

Bigfoot: A round of applause to everyone!
Bigfoot: These are votes for who was most impressive in the debate
Bigfoot: Click on the name to tell us who impressed you most in the debates

(All polls were created by City Worker neutral.)

POLL: I am mostly impressed by: Suga; Alicia; Oreo
12 Alicia
11 Oreo

scyllaCat: This looks to an excitingly close race!
Bigfoot: Wow, very close!

POLL: I will vote for: Alicia; Oreo; Suga
10 . Alicia
11 . Oreo
11 - Suga

neutral: ok 1 more time, last time!
Bigfoot: Cool
Bigfoot: I was very curious about this
JasmineK: people *that* read the times know when and where the debate is
JasmineK: so the vote was influenced

POLL: I read Whyville Times: often; occasionally; rarely
25 . OFTEN

neutral: any more polls?
Bigfoot: Good luck to our candidates!

POLL: I will VOTE FOR: Oreo; Alicia; Suga

scyllaCat: Bye all .
gumbytam: See ya
OrEoBaBy: *shakes alicia's hand* good luck and nice job
Alicia: *high fives people in the crowd* lol

POLL: today's debates were: excellent; great; boring
RESULTS: Majority votes for excellent

neutral: ok guys thank you all!!
neutral: thanks, everyone
neutral: The offciail voting poll will start in a few minutes and will last for a few days.
neutral: OK guys, good night to everyone. See you at Friday's Trivia Hour!!


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