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OrEoBaBy: Whyville's New Senator

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Hey everyone! I'm gold837. I've been on Whyville for almost 9 months now, so I decided to try my luck and write a really good (hopefully!) article. =)

As everyone knows, Whyville has cast its votes, and OrEoBaBy was favored by more than one-third of all Whyvillians who participated. Our past senator, Giggler01, did a great job supporting us and helping to make Whyville a super place! I am very proud of her terrific work, and I'm sure everyone else is, too. Thanks, Gig. =)

On March 11, at 5 p.m. Whyville Time, about 40 citizens gathered in the Greek Theater to await the inauguration of our newest senator. It sure was packed in there! It took me a while before I could get in! But eventually I did, and there I saw City Workers City Hall, Superid, Neutral, Turnip and scyllaCat all clustered on stage beside OrEoBaBy.

City Hall began by announcing the inauguration of OrEoBaBy. Nobody could keep quiet. Screaming, cheering, and shouting was seen all across the Greek Theater. People were proudly welcoming our soon-to-be senator.

City Hall took the center stage and began with the Oath. After each section, OrEoBaBy responded with a strong "I do." In no time, OrEoBaBy was made senator. Afterward, she stayed to answer some of the questions from citizens in the audience.

There were a lot of great questions, which OrEoBaBy had excellent answers for. People were curious about what she would do about clams, face parts, new citizens, and even creating a bank and maybe apartments for Whyville. It was pretty hectic! Eventually, the city workers left, and Oreo had to go.

I've known OrEoBaBy for more than seven months, and she's been one of the best friends I've ever had. I'm not just writing this because I know her, but to tell everyone how well she will do in fulfilling the position of senator. From what I've seen, she has respect for everyone, no matter how old or young they are, what they look like, or if they're new or old. She's funny, has awesome ideas, and always says interesting things that make all of us happy in one way or another. I believe she will undoubtedly fill the shoes of our last senator better than anyone I know.

Thanks so much, Alicia and Suga246, I know both of you would've done great, too! And Giggler01, you and OrEoBaBy keep up the good work.

Who knows... maybe one of you folks reading this right now will get sworn in as senator again next time!

Why-Fan Forever,


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