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Issues in the Senate Race...

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Lately around Whyville, the last race for senator has finished??? but is the Senate Race really over???

The answer to that question can be answered as no. The race is not over, because another race is soon to begin! Before the race begins, I would like to express some concerns with the way the senate race was run lately.

One thing that I think should be changed is the way that people RUN for senator. The system may be working right now, but it needs improvement.

Right now, citizens of Whyville just write up something quick and easy if they want to run for senator -- they post it in the petition booth, campaign to get votes and hope that they make it into the polls. Quick and easy, right? But is this the way that a person who is to represent us should behave? NO!

A person running for Whyville's senator should have a well written-out, thoughtful, and honest platform. This means that they should not just post whatever they feel like writing out at the time, but actually sit down and think about what they would like to accomplish in Whyville if they were elected senator. I think that is is one of the main flaws in the system of voting/electing our new senator.

The second major thing that I have noticed over past elections is that people who have been on Whyville for less then 6 months to a year have been trying to run for senator. I think that before candidates can run for senator, they should be on Whyville for at least 9 months to over a year. I urge the city management to think on this too. A person who is representing Whyville as our senator should have 'paid their dues.' What I mean is that they should have the chance to learn about Whyville's history, earn a decent salary, and become a well-respected person on Whyville. They should also be able to explain stuff about Whyville (games, safety tools, etc.) to people who ask for help.

In the real world, senators must to be a certain age before they are allowed to run for senator. I think that there should be a age requirement here on Whyville, too. If there was even a one-year guideline set, it would help ensure that the people who we were electing were truly and fully wise to the Whyvillian ways.

Thank you for taking your time to read this and again I URGE city council to think upon these issues raised. I also urge the citizens of Whyville to think upon these matters.

News Reporter + a concerned citizen


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