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Salt and Pepper

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Have you ever had a friend who was the complete opposite of you? That's what happened to me, Juicy32, the most popular girl in Whyville.

I had been holding a Beauty Contest at Tiki Tours when suddenly this Goth girl came over and said she wanted to be in it. She had straggly black hair with a flower. Her skin was pale white, like freshly laid snow on the ground. Her shirt said: "Goth and Proud".... What in the world?

All my pals started laughing at her saying things like 'What a freak!' and 'Buffy went THAT way!'

I stared for a long long time.... What was I supposed to do?! The crowd was getting antsy. I just blurted out: "And the Winner is... *Freakovthedead!!!"

I didn't know what I was saying! I mean, she's... GOTH!

Not the happiest crowd I must say. They all started complaining when Dead told me to meet her at Checkers Room 13 (it was Friday, Friday the 13th.... Ironic? I think not!)

When I got there, she started telling me how I didn't have to do that. I didn't WANT to say her name, I just said the first thing that came to mind!

She started telling me how she was so judged, and how nobody had any respect for her.When she told me how 'People are scared of me,' I finally invited her to my private Disco party.

Then, three months later (today) we are BFFs (Best Friends Forever) in Whyville.  She is so amazing; we are the Salt and Pepper of friendship.


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