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We Have a Winner!

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We Have a Winner!
Building Champion: Sahuboy

by Marty B.
Guest columnist

Well, I for one am very excited! After weeks of intense competition with top contenders tied up neck-to-neck, one contestant has finally pulled ahead of the others and snatched the title of "Champion Builder", together with an award of 100 Whyville clams.

The winner of Whyville's very first House Building Contest is Sahuboy. His awarding-winning house is on the corner of Gaguin and Gutenburg, and it looks like a robot! It's a truly innovative design. One of the voters who helped make Sahuboy a winner commented: "I really like the little ladder and the cyclops eye."

And Marty here must say that he agrees!

City Hall also announced a close runner-up who will win 50 clams, and it's Cyranojoe, one of the Times very own staff writers! Here's what Cyranojoe had to say when he heard the happy news:

"Wow! Awesome! It's so cool that people like my style. Sahuboy's robot is most excellent, I'm not surprised it won. I had been worried that the floating room would take away from my overall design, but it seems to fit in pretty well."

Cyranojoe's house is located at Da Vinci and Galileo, so drop by to take a closer look.

Meanwhile, I'm still trying to reach Sahuboy for an interview. With any luck, I'll be reporting back to you next week with some words of wisdom from our newly elected champion.

Our Champion: Sahuboy and his Robot House
Runner-up: Cyranojoe


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