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Handy-Dandy Earmuffs

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I had just finished writing a baffled article for the Times about the 'Earmuff Mystery,' when the solution hit me. It all started like this...

I was just sitting in the Bazaar as always, minding my own business, when someone waltzed up to me and started singing in my ear. Personally, I hate singing, especially when the singing is loud and out of tune, so, naturally, I put on my earmuffs. I love my earmuffs, so I said "earmuffs =)". That's when everything began to go awry.

I'm exaggerating, of course, but that is what I do best. What *really* happened was that a red type appeared to come out of my mouth! It said "earmuffs now on." Shocking! I was wearing earmuffs! I could still see what the other people were typing, though -- what did this mean?

Odd. I repeated "earmuffs" and I was told "earmuffs now off." Although I missed the ear-warming apparatus, I wondered what the purpose was.

... And then, for the rest of that article, I guessed why this earmuffs command existed without a purpose. Right after I sent that first article to the Times, I figured everything out! Duh. I feel stupid... =(

When you say "earmuffs," all the whispers disappear! =O AMAZING!! It is so beautiful, a screen with no whispers unless they are directed to you, it almost brought tears to my eyes. Of course, I had known that you could permanently turn whispers off in the Preferences tool, but the sheer beauty of this Earmuffs On Demand is just so fabulous.

Never seeing people whisper to each other is impractical, but?? having control over the other bubbles so you can have a private conversation without seeing the standard [ I am whispering to so-and-so ] -- well, I love it! ^.^

Next time you want to not hear whispers, just say earmuffs. To take them off, say earmuffs again.

I'm off with my earmuffs!
Much love,


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