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Confederate Flags: Not Bad

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To all of my fellow Whyvillians: After seeing the debate of whether or not we should allow confederate flags in Whyville or not, and seeing articles in the Times about it, I just had to write an article myself. So, here goes....

To many people, the confederate flag is bad. Some say it represents the KKK, and others, slavery. But, believe it or not, slavery and the KKK are not what the confederate flag represents. See, a few days ago my class had to do a project on the confederate flag, and some of us were surprised to find that it doesn't represent slavery. The confederate flag represents the Southern Heritage.

Yes, it was a flag during the Civil War, but it did not mean we wanted slavery. It was a flag of the Southern states. No KKK, no slavery, nothing of that matter.

Even though some of you disagree, I am telling the truth. And if you ask anyone around here where I live (in the south), I think you will find that not many people would have ever wanted slavery. And I know that I never wanted it. I am not defending the flag just because I am from the south, either.

Signing off,

Editor's Note: While it would be nice to think that the flag doesn't represent slavery to anyone, I'm afraid someone in your class mislead you a bit.?? Many people feel that the confederate flag is inseparable from the Confederacy's support of slavery, and they find it not only offensive but downright threatening.?? That certainly doesn't mean that anyone alive supports slavery, or even that those who like the flag now do -- just that there is a wide variety of opinions about the flag.?? The question is, how much is too much??? What images are too offensive for Whyville?


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